Abu Dhabi! An Exciting Place to Spend Your Holidays

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Coming to Dubai to make your holidays a dream one then Abu Dhabi is recommended as a must visit place during this trip. It has a lot to offer to the visitors such as you will find world’s fastest roller coaster here, highest peak of the region Jebel Hafeet exists here and a lot more. The world largest port Jabal Ali is a big attraction for businessman people here as they can visit it and have a look of the activities going on here with their friends and family. They can discover new business opportunities for them as well during their trip. Professional tour guides and drivers are available here who make sure that you discover each and every part of Abu Dhabi during your trip and spend quality time here.

Tour Plan: –

This city is full of landmarks and famous places. Therefore, it is recommended that tourist should include it in their holiday plan. The pickup and drop-off facilities are available at your door step which makes it a very convenient option to select. People who love to go for shopping will enjoy this tour the most because this city is full of great shopping malls like Etihad towers and Marina mall. It is also famous due to its beautifully designed architectural buildings such as Emirates Palace and one of the world’s biggest Sheikh Zayed grand mosques. This mosque is a genuine piece of artwork and a must watch place for the tourist. This city is a hub of luxurious and lavish hotels. Etihad tower is world famous due to its luxurious facilities where you can live, shop, and work under one roof. After the whole tour, you will get the drop-off facility to your doorstep at Dubai hotel or residence where you are staying.

City of Excitements:-

Abu Dhabi is a place of surprises for the tourists as they will find new excitements at every step here. Ferrari world is a great example of it which is a big attraction for them here. If someone is travelling with their children then they will find YAS water world, YAS marina circuit, Alain zoo and Alain oasis facilities really exciting and enjoyable. People will find numerous different exciting and thrilling options here which makes their holiday trip a great one. Abu Dhabi is full of huge deserts and the government has managed to develop such facilities there which attract the tourists towards them. They can do various thrilling and enjoyable activities there such as dune bashing, sand skating and many others.

Attractive Packages: –

The tourists will find it very easy to select a best package for them which offer them all the fun which they are looking for during their trip. Different lucrative and rewarding deals are available to the tourists so that they can discover as many places as they can during their tour to Abu Dhabi. Private Abu Dhabi City Tour From Dubai provides the best offers to the customers in which they can explore different parts of the city at very low prices. Also check out desert safari offer here.