You Will Absolutely Love These Shanghai Travel Attractions

Shanghai attracts travelers with its eclectic mix of modern and traditional sights like The Bund, Yu Garden, skyscrapers, Shanghai Museum and more. If tourists wish to fully appreciate this captivating city they should allow at least 2-3 days for touring purposes.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is an unforgettable attraction with its rotating hotel, stunning observation decks, and Shanghai Municipal History Museum. For fast transportation, consider the Cathay Pacific options available, including Ho Chi Minh City to Shanghai.


The Bund is Shanghai’s iconic waterfront area, situated along the west bank of Huangpu River and lined by 22 heritage art deco buildings from 1920-30. As one of its major tourist draws and symbols of city pride, The Bund remains an integral part of Shanghai life and an icon.

At night, when all the buildings are illuminated, visiting the Bund is especially picturesque and romantic. Enjoy views along Huangpu River waterfront as you admire Oriental Pearl TV Tower from a distance and many of Pudong’s skyscrapers across river.

If you want the best view of The Bund, take a cruise on Huangpu River. This will offer an unusual perspective of historic architecture as well as modern skyscrapers. Additionally, walking along The Bund at night provides another great perspective.

When visiting the Bund, plan to spend at least 1-2 hours walking. Wear comfortable shoes and bring water bottles – long walks may become tiring during hotter seasons! Also dress according to weather – bring an umbrella, raincoat or raincoat during rainy periods while on sunny days bring sun hats and cream with you.

There are some fantastic restaurants nearby, so reservations are recommended if you want to ensure you can secure a table. Or bring along a packed lunch for walking tours!

At the Bund, in addition to eating and shopping, you can also take photos. However, be aware that evenings, weekends and holidays tend to see it become quite crowded; to avoid crowds visit in the morning.

The Bund is an ideal location for people watching, where local Shanghai residents walk, jog, run or do exercises on its waterfront. They practice Tai Chi and fly kites; additionally there are some beautiful flower displays in parks – including Yuyuan (Happiness Garden), which serves as an oasis among busy streets.


Lujiazui forms the core of Pudong financial district on the east bank of Huangpu River and boasts modern skyscrapers that create its unique skyline. Notable towers in Lujiazui include Shanghai Tower (at 623 meters tall), World Financial Center (492 m) and Jin Mao Building (421m). Exploring Lujiazui provides an ideal way to understand China’s rapid development over the past years while getting an aerial perspective of Shanghai from above.

The Bund is an excellent starting point for exploring this area by foot, featuring historic buildings that span from Gothic and Baroque styles through Romanesque and Classicism. Night time brings special beauty with towers lit up illuminating its historic buildings. Furthermore, strolling along this iconic boulevard gives you a prime vantage point over Lujiazui with its impressive architecture as well as viewing Lujiazui’s magnificent Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower – truly an unforgettable journey!

Xintiandi, a pedestrian street located in Lujiazui’s central part, offers an intriguing blend of old Shanghai and new. Here you will find restaurants, bars and shops featuring both Chinese and Western influences; as well as ancient Shikumen houses featuring traditional architecture. Definitely add this exciting area to your tour schedule for a fun journey through time!

Century Park offers picturesque landscapes spanning grassland, gardens, woodlands and lakes – complete with magnificent sculptures. In addition to these features there is a children’s playground as well as paddle boating available – making for an easy walk from Bund and well worth seeing at night when its lights make an even greater impactful statement!

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Zhujiajiao, better known as the Venice of Shanghai, offers visitors interested in old-world China an idyllic oasis. Its winding stone pathways, ancient traditional style buildings, and tranquil canals offer a respite from modern city life.

Zhujiajiao, located an hour west of Shanghai, is one of China’s best preserved ancient water towns. This idyllic village draws many visitors with its charming bridges and tranquil rivers shaded by willow trees – as well as shops, cafes and restaurants along its riverbanks.

Zhujiajiao’s main draw is its exquisite stone bridges that connect each street in the town. Of particular note is Fangsheng Bridge with five arches and 70 meters in length – an eye-catcher indeed! Visitors can explore Zhujiajiao by strolling its winding stone paths, exploring historic houses or taking an enjoyable canal cruise.

If you want a true local experience, visit one of the restaurants around town. With plenty of choices including those offering turtle and salamander dishes (if they don’t frighten you!). North Street area also provides many traditional stores selling silk dresses and handmade textiles.

Zhujiajiao’s temples and Buddha statues are another main draw, particularly Zhongshan Temple – a Taoist temple dedicated to Guanyin, goddess of mercy; and Zhongshan Sacred Buddhist Temple with its terrace that allows visitors to take in views of canals and houses.

Zhujiajiao can best be reached by train; simply hop aboard Shanghai Metro Line 17 (light brown on system maps) and head to Zhujiajiao Stop on Zhujiajiao Branch line (Zhu An Lu bus station near People’s Square and Shanghai Stadium (Gate 5) bus terminal in Hongkou Soccer Stadium are excellent ways of reaching this area of Shanghai; take note, though, these buses often become highly congested during rush hours – sometimes reaching maximum capacity


Shanghai is China’s largest city and a leading global financial center. Its west bank features The Bund, an iconic waterfront promenade of colonial-era buildings. On its east side stands Pudong with its futuristic skyline illuminating nightly. Experience this mesmerizing mix of modernity and tradition during your Shanghai travels!

Your night out begins with a briefing from your guide and a ride on the world’s fastest lift to reach the Oriental Pearl TV Tower – an iconic symbol of Shanghai’s rapid development. Once at the top, take in spectacular views as Pudong Financial District buildings are illuminated in vibrant hues with flashing laser shows. Additionally, take a local ferry across Huangpu River to The Bund where beautiful old structures glow warmly under classic lighting that illuminates history of this vibrant city.

Head next to Xintiandi, where ancient Shanghai Shikumen houses have been renovated into fashionable restaurants, galleries and shops that cater to young people in the city. Even with their historic exteriors, these new establishments cater to the tastes of young people; their mazy alleyways offer artistic culture as many celebrities and creative professionals have established studios there.

Shanghai Museum and Grand Theater should both be on your list as must-visits, where 240,000 artifacts spanning from 240,000 years ago include fossils and dinosaur skeletons dating back 140 million years. Don’t miss visiting either location; at either of them you will witness exciting performances on large stages!

Puxi is an amazing city to explore on foot; whether that be seeking spiritual peace at Jade Buddha Temple and Longhua Pagoda, admiring fine arts in Shanghai Museum and China Art Museum or just browsing luxury boutiques along Nanjing Road and Nanjing Road, or shopping Nanjing Road and Nanjing Road for luxury goods; Puxi is sure to take your breath away in its buzzing metropolis atmosphere. China offers magnificent temples and traditional pagodas to explore its past, while world-class museums and shopping centers showcase China’s modern culture and beliefs. Shanghai Zoo provides an ideal way to learn more about China’s diverse wildlife: home to over 600 species including amphibians and reptiles, herbivores, beasts of prey, birds of prey as well as its famous reed-covered Swan Lake which hosts pelicans, swans and mandarin ducks!