5 Most amazing places you have to see in Malta (a guide for tourists)

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Malta is one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean Sea. Pretty much everyone knows it exists but only 1.1 million tourists per year means that it’s not the most popular destination despite being one of the most recommended and versatile places to come and see. In this article, we’ll highlight 5 amazing places to visit by cabs and see in the beautiful island-country of Malta.


The village of Siggiewi is a unique place that you mustn’t miss, especially if you love exploring local architecture and culture. In the southwestern part of Malta, you can find Siggiewi – an old village that is home to some of the most cherished local traditions. Every year, in the end of June, the Siggiewi Festa takes place. The celebration honors Saint Nicholas and the main attraction of the village – church, is lit up with unique colored lights.

You’ll find delicious and authentic treats as well as music, smiling locals and a ton of other neat things to see and do. Furthermore, there are a handful of other events that happen in Siggiewi. So, if you wish to experience local culture first-hand, this place is a must-visit!


The capital and the historical port of Valletta was built by the Knights back in the 16th century. The prize jewel of the city is the Co-Cathedral of Saint John’s which is both the most notable and most visited landmark in the city. The old parts of the city resemble peak architectural and city-planning ideas of the 16th century, so if you’re unfamiliar with the Southern Europe heritage of that time, it’s a wonderful time to just walk around and soak the views in.

Later, you can enjoy a diner in one of the many restaurants, overlooking the harbor. Getting around Valletta as well as getting to it and from it is super convenient using a carpooling service.

Dingli Cliffs

A truly marvelous natural landmark are the Dingli Cliffs. Quite isolated from most urban lifestyle, these cliffs offer a 250-meter-high panorama to the sea and allow you to engulf the entire grace as well as might of Mother Nature.

Snap a picture or just have a moment to relax and unwind, hearing the waves crash against the rocks. This location is super-remote and it’s best to arrive here by car, scooter or arrange and be aware of your transportation.


As you might not have known before, Malta is actually comprised of a few islands. One of them is Gozo. One could argue that Gozo is in fact, the most beautiful place on the Maltese Islands because it has remoteness and wildness that the main island slightly lacks.

Despite the remoteness, there’s no lack of things to do and see. Visit the medieval fortress of Victoria or stop at Marsalforn, or Ramla Bay to enjoy some regular tourist activities.

The Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is considered to be the most amazing natural attraction in whole of Malta. It offers the most spectacular vista of the Mediterranean Sea. Especially known for diving, this spot is great for both on-land and in-water exploring.

A fun way to explore the Blue Grotto is with the help of small boats – luzzus. Arrive here in the first part of the day to see the best views!