5 Awesome Munich Local Secrets

Munich situated in the heart of Bavaria in the south of Germany. This is not a city dominated by skyscrapers, but it is a unique city that is very different from other German and indeed European cities. It is a delightfully lovely city, with special charm and culture. Munich was previously a Summer Olympics city in 1972 and may well be selected to be a winter Olympics city for the 2018 games. So the question is, where do these millions of tourists go to in order to discover the true character of Munich?


Well, then here is a list of the top 5 awesome Munich local secret destinations you should not miss when in the beautiful city of Munich, Germany.

1.         BMW Museum

BMW Museum is a four cylinder tower and bowl-shaped museum that is visited by thousands of people every year and is definitely worth your time. The museum highlights the complete history of the company from their humble beginnings as a motorcycle manufacturer to their present day operations, which include not only cars and motorcycles, but also engines for aircraft, boats, and formula one cars. Old cars and motorcycles are displayed alongside a spiral ramp that curls along the inside of the bowl-shaped building.

2.        Hotel Munich Airport

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Whatever your reason for visiting the city of Munich, Hotel Munich Airport is a perfect venue for an exhilarating and exciting break away. Hotel Munich Airport is family and pet-friendly as it provides kitchenette, laundry facilities, full-sized refrigerator/freezer, Microwave and many others. The hotel is only a short shuttle ride away from the airport.

3.        Marienplatz

Munich’s prominent public square and the heart of social activity. The centre of the square is the Mariensaule, the column of St. Mary, which is topped by the golden statue of the Virgin Mary and was erected in 1683. The column celebrated the end of the Swedish invasion during the 30 years war. Marienplatz is also home to Munich’s New and Old Town Hall. Every day, at 11 am, 12 noon and 5 pm, visitors flock to the Marienplatz to watch the animated Glockenspiel (carillon) in the New Town Hall made of 43 bells and 32 figures. If you’re looking for an amazing view of the carillon, the top floor of the Hugenduble bookstore and the Café Glockenspeil are recommended.

4.        Hofbräuhaus München

Owned by the Bavarian state government, this is one of Munich’s most famous breweries, and it is also a restaurant. When you enter the Hofbräuhaus, it is important to remember not to wait to be seated; otherwise, you will be waiting forever! Simply grab a seat at any one of the tables. The live music, endless amounts of beer, and traditional German food will captivate you, and you are bound to feel like you are in the heart of Bavaria. Munich Hotels always recommend this as a place to go for guests looking for a traditional German experience.

No matter how you decide to spend your time in Bavaria’s capital city, you are bound to want to return for more. Hotel Munich Airport has plenty of brochures and information about all of the city’s phenomenal attractions. So stop by the front desk and allow the concierge to help you plan your perfect trip. Visit the link below and be rest assured to have a wonderful stay in Munich. Hotel Munich Airport.