Birding is a hobby where birders go out to find different species of birds

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For most people, the flight to a far off destination is quite tiring, even if you are seated the entire way. Then there is the airport stress to worry about once landing. Even once at the hotel, you would need a few hours to get your bearings and freshen up. This is not so if one were to take a holiday on a cruise ship. Even a birding trip down under can be done as part of a Subantarctic Island cruise. The cruise option is care free and once the destination is reached, birders get to dive right into bird watching. The reason why birding forms the core of the tour is because of time. Birding is a hobby where birders go out to find different species of birds and to note them in their journals. It is not just about spotting them though, and entails a detailed analysis of taking note of their physical and behavioural traits. It does therefore mean that you would be spending quite a bit of time on a single bird. This is the reason why the Subantarctic Island cruise takes up to 3 weeks to complete.


When birding is done in your home territory, you can bird at will. When you go on holiday to bird, you will have a limited amount of time. So even though 3 weeks on the Subantarctic Island cruise may seem like a long time to most people, to just go out and look at birds, this is entirely not the case. A typical day on the Subantarctic Island cruise goes as follows. Guests will have to wake before dawn, freshen up and have breakfast and leave the ship to get onto the island where the day will be spent. Getting up before dawn ensures that the group is ready to be on the island at first light. Birds are early morning creatures. It is at this time that you will be able to easily find them and to then also enjoy seeing them go about their business. This particular part of the day must be utilized to the fullest on the Subantarctic Island cruise.

Bird types seen in abundance in this particular climate include penguins, albatrosses and even ducks. Almost all penguin species can be found in this region and while not all will be seen on the Subantarctic Island cruise, a fair few will be birded. Since the boat is right there, lunch does not have to be eaten on the go. Guests can go back and have their lunch and freshen up before the afternoon outing. Of course, in such a wonderful setting you would want to enjoy some meals in the outdoors which is why picnics are also catered for. The afternoon is when birds start to wind down so this is the best time to sketch them or to indulge in some still photography. Afterwards, it is time to head back to the boat to discuss the day or print out any photos taken during the day. After meals, guests will dismantle for their rooms for an early night so that they are able to wake with ease for the next morning. The exception to the rule is when nocturnal birding is done, though this is just for a few hours on 1 night of the tour.
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