Marrakech Sahara Tours: All You Need To Know

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If you wanna travel to Marrakech but doesn’t know what can you do in the Sahara deserts, how to get the Moroccan desert experience or which desert tour should you choose, keep reading and you will find everything you need to know abou Marrakech Sahara tours!

Quick tip, the best tour agencies are in Marrakech, the famous Marrakech desert tours

1.What Activities can you do in the Sahara desert?

The Sahara Desert is full of activities,For example you can have a quadricycle experince in the Sahara desert!You will ride ride in a designated area, in either a Motorcycle, or a quadricycle, some of the most popular Marrakech Sahara tours have this iconic activity included. You can go trekking, some agencies have a nomad trekking experience, you are guided trough a trekking route, while nomads go with you!

A must do activity is riding a camel.You just simply can’t go to Sahara and not ride a camel, in the Sahara desert there are lots of people that you can schedule a camel ride, and it’s simply a unforgetable experience.

2. How to get the Moroccan experience closer to Marrakech?

If you don’t wanna travel 10 hours to Sahara desert, you can always get a desert experince, closer to marrakech.You can go to a travel agency near Marrakech, they provide a unforgetable desert experince, for a fair price.

3. Which desert tour should i choose?

Depends. Depends on what you want in your tour, your budget, your style, if you want the full Moroccan experince you may perhaps get a 30 day tour, they are more expensive tna 3 day tours, but they are worth the money, you could get a 2-week tour to Morocco, than after to Sahara desert, (the price varies on the location, days, and the overall standart of the tour.)

4.Should i book a group tour or a private trip to the Sahara Desert?

Again, it depends on what’s your travel profile and your expectations in regards of the tour.For example, if you want to watch the sunrise, with your wife in a romantic mood, perhaps you should book a private trip to the Sahara Desert. But, if you wanna take 150+ photos of the desert landscapes, ride camels with a 15+ people, the group tour is for you.

5.How much does Marrakech desert trips cost?

Your tour agency is the key concept here, it all depends on you agency, if you pick a group agency, it’s going to cost you a fortune, now, if you get the perfect agency, it can cost you as little as 55-60 dollars for a 3 day cheap trip, now, if you want to go luxury, you can do a 250 dollar 4 day trip. For longer trips the cost grows exponencially, for example, for a 10 day trip it can cost you 260-460 dollars, and the price goes up the more days you decide to stay.

6.How long does it take to get to the Sahara desert from Marrakech?

Depends on the Marrakech Sahara Tours that you take, but a average is 10 hours by bus or car (yes, i know, no planes) you might think it’s a lot of time, but the tour starts in your trip to the Sahara, the beauty of the desert is simply mesmorizing, and you will see the desert in your face for 10 hours.