A Window to a Foreign Land of a Bygone Time May Not Be That Far Away

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Once I strolled into Bahadursha Park it absolutely was almost three o’clock into the afternoon. It absolutely was built in 1858 at the effort of Nawab Khwaja Abdul Ghani, within the area that is sadarghat of Dhaka. It absolutely was called Victoria Park until 1947 (It was additionally the year when the British finally left the Indian Sub-continent). After that, it absolutely was renamed after Bahadur Shah II, the final Mughal emperor. Nevertheless, individuals nevertheless call the destination Victoria Park, and not the other way around. Maybe it’s simple to allow them to pronounce your message ‘Victoria’ compared to term ‘bahadursha’ or it may simply be that individuals got utilized to phone the area Victoria Park. Well, I will also follow individuals preference.

It was years since I really went along to a place in Old Dhaka. I sat in front of the high memorial at the eastern part regarding the park. The was very hot and humid and I had this feeling that I needed to drink something very badly afternoon. I had a small container of ‘mineral water’ so I drank from my small bottle as I looked at the tall memorial, which commemorates the ascending of the throne of Queen Victoria as Empress of India and British Empire with me.

Tall woods with green, vibrating leaves pervaded through its high and wide arc-like opening on the eastern side (there are four such spaces on four sides, dealing with four various instructions) as their long and entangled branches relocated gently within the afternoon breeze. Odds and ends of blue sky might be seen through the branches while the leaves. I kept taking a look at the enchanting scene and started to feel as though I’d been transported back again to the era that is victorian. The scene really looked like Victorian if you ask me; as though a piece of Victorian England had been peering through the opening.

We spent at least one hour, sitting at the same destination and enjoying the scene that is magnificent. A really cool and soothing breeze blew from time to time, just Jesus understands from where, in the middle of intolerable heat of still another dry and rainless monsoon afternoon.

From ancient time, people travelled far and wide through the accepted places of the origin. Many among them settled straight down in distant and faraway lands, doing trade and commerce; and eventually took control of the locals. In the process, they left remnants of the very own countries and times. So, there may be odds and ends of history and cultures of remote lands, waiting to be discovered we live in by us- not so far away from the places. It’s that individuals never cared to take the right time and trouble getting here. As soon as we make it happen, a totally new world may start appropriate in front of us featuring its origin from the past of a distant land.