Dreamy Vacation

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Sand in my shoes, breeze in my hair and sea in my sight, this is one the best feelings I have every time I go on vacation. And on top of that, staying in a privately owned property. Why?  Because you get to have the intimacy you have at home while being on a great holiday. It’s not that I don’t like people. It’s just that I love having my privacy more. Whether I am with close friends or my husband, I’d rather have things my way than having to put up with noise and crowds.


Stay in a private villa with Vida Villas

When it comes to great locations, the Balearic Island of Mallorca is a great choice when it comes to Europe. With warm weather almost all year long, with plenty of beaches and a tone of history, this island has something to offer to all those who decide to spend their holidays there. And when it comes to superb accommodation, Mallorca is one of the best. Take for example the outstanding selection of privately owned villas from Vida Villas. These properties for rent are a statement of Spanish tradition and lifestyle. And for a dreamy vacation you can definitely opt to stay in one of those. Located in every corner of the island, Vida Villas’ villas come with great landscapes, some have private pools, some are situated by the sea and some have both.  If intimacy is as important to you as it is to me, when it comes to vacation, than this is a great choice for your lodging.

But going back to the sand in my shoes, Mallorca has so many beaches for you to enjoy and explore. And when it comes to long relaxing walks at the sunrise or sundown, this place is no short of spots for that. And if the walk has tired you down, just go and try the local food at one of their traditional restaurants and serve it along with a local wine. It’s a combination you won’t regret trying.

On top of breath taking beaches and views, Mallorca also has quite some history behind it so you can learn more about how this island came to be what it is today. If you are into sports, there are plenty of water activities for you to try, but not only. You can also go hiking and biking on beautiful trails which take you on top of the mountains or on the sandy shores. No matter your type of perfect get away, here on this Balearic Island you can truly experience a dream like vacation.

So take your partner, your family or your friends and experience Mallorca. Stay away from noisy hotels and rent a private villa from Vida Villas. Taste the local cuisine and explore the island. Take long walks on the beach, go sailing, jet skiing or biking. No matter your pleasures, you can satisfy them on this amazing Spanish Island. A dreamy vacation is one where you get to fully enjoy every minute of it.