There are different things to experience on a Botswana wildlife safari tour

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There are different things to experience on a Botswana wildlife safari which will depend on the time of year that you would be making the trip. These factors should be taken into consideration when booking your tour dates.

The dry season which spans July to October has highlights which cannot be experienced at other times of the year. Often deemed the off peak time, this time of year does provide ample things to do. Those who enjoy the following will find it much more beneficial to book their Botswana wildlife safari during this part of the year. Being the dry season, the water levels are really low. This draws out the numbers of game animals to be concentrated into specific areas. Sighting them in these numbers is indeed something not often seen on wildlife tours. An aerial view of the land is often included in the Botswana wildlife safari, so that this view can be enjoyed from above. The helicopter takes guests around for about an hour. This gives more than ample time for those who are into photography to snap away at an image that is all too rare. The woodland region is home to a great many birds and smaller mammals.


During the dry months, they still stay in their habitat. Being the direr season, the leaves fall off making it much easier to spot these animals during this time of the Botswana wildlife safari. Birding in particular is best enjoyed during this period. The birds are easier to find, thereby allowing tour guests to get that extra bit of time just admiring all of the new species that they lay into during the day. An average of 4 days is spend in the woodlands regions of the Botswana wildlife safari. This is enough of time to spot around a hundred new bird species for a life list. It may be considered the dry period but water based activities still go out in abundance.

This is because the rivers and waterfalls are not as raging as it is during the rainy season. The dry season is much cooler to visit the country on a Botswana wildlife safari, for those who are not as used to the warm climate and humidity that is to be experienced in the rainy season. Other issues such as insects and mudslides during the hiking is also dramatically reduced. Booking and preparing for a Botswana wildlife safari during the drier season is much easier. You would not have as much competition for spots and the pricing tends to be much lower. For preparation on the Botswana wildlife safari, guests will be given full access to a travel manager who will guide them along in terms of what to take along and what will be provided. This is a tour, so much of the travel logistics will be handled by the travel company. An important aspect of help would be finding flights to Botswana from the home country. This is not included in the Botswana wildlife safari tour package due to people coming in from all over the world and it is impossible to then set a standard price.