The Port Elizabeth Airport is famed for being just a ten minute drive from all of the tourist points in the city.

The Port Elizabeth Airport is famed for being just a ten minute drive from all of the tourist points in the city. So, within minutes of leaving the airport, you could be sitting in your hotel room and relaxing. Upon landing at the Port Elizabeth International Airport, passengers will find an efficiently run machine. Flights here, have some of the highest on time ratings in the country and security problems are few and far between. Once leaving the plane, passengers will make their way to the baggage carousel to retrieve any checked luggage and then make their way out to the hotel. A myriad of transport options are available to travellers to the Port Elizabeth Airport. First is to make use of the airport shuttle which has stops to predetermined spots in town, close to hotels especially. The shuttle is not a private option from the hotel and will have to be shared with other passengers.


In addition, the shuttle leaves at set times which means a bit of a wait at the Port Elizabeth International Airport, until this time arrives. In essence, the shuttle makes a 1 hour round trip. It is the cheapest option to get out of the Port Elizabeth Airport. The shuttle can also be used for getting around the city. Noted points in Port Elizabeth are the Donkin Reserve Park, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum and Route 67, all points at which the Port Elizabeth Airport shuttle stops at an hourly basis. Port Elizabeth is known as the 10 minute city. This is because most points are a mere ten minutes from each other. This lack of travel time is what makes the city so popular with holidaymakers who are seeking a quiet, yet activity filled time away. If something a bit more private would be your choice getting out of the airport, then taxis lie in wait to serve just this purpose.

You would get a ride just for you and your family and to any point in the city. Taxis are generally notorious for being expensive but this is not the case from the Port Elizabeth Airport. It takes minutes to get to get to the airport or other noted spots, making fares quite affordable. Lastly, we have hiring out a rental car from the Port Elizabeth Airport. On a holiday, this would be the option to take. A rental car would be available for your sole use during the entirety of your trip. Travelling with a family is made all the more easier, when going with this option. You can choose from an entry model vehicle for its cost factor being easy on the wallet to double cab vans which would hold a lot of luggage or even people carrier vehicles if you’re travelling group consists of more than 5 people. National and international companies have a base at the Port Elizabeth International Airport. Rental cars can also be hired together with a flight to the airport. It can be arranged so that the hire and return of the vehicles is on par with the arrival and departure of the flight.