The Rwanda gorilla tour is fast becoming quite the popular tour to do when in Africa.

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The Rwanda gorilla tour is fast becoming quite the popular tour to do when in Africa. It’s a real value for money situation, being done in as little as four days and at the fraction of the cost of other tours. Another reason, is that visiting the park in which they are based can only be done as part of a tour. This is no ordinary park and the gorillas are not kept enclosed. The Volcanoes National Park spans miles on end and consists of mountains, rivers and grasslands. This is the natural habitat of these gorillas. Species that will be seen on the Rwanda gorilla tour include the silver backs and mountain species. Each group keeps to themselves and different areas of the park will have to be scouted to find them.

The park is the only region in the world where they can be seen as they are the last surviving members of their species. The Rwanda gorilla tour has got to be done under the guidance of a tour guide and a security escort. Security is there as a precaution, even though the group will never come into any close contact with the gorillas. The guide will be the one to lead each group through the park. Trails have been erected to keep groups on the Rwanda gorilla tour away from directly being near the gorillas. The purpose of the trip is to merely watch from a distance and marvel at their contentment and sociability of being in their natural habitat. Photos are better done from this point as well.


Before leaving for the park, the group will get lessons on how to handle photography in the park. Camera flashes are not allowed as it will distress the gorillas. Groups will also have to work with the lack of lighting. Tricks are taught to overcome this factor. It does not matter if you are not an expert photographer.  A lot of teaching is done during the trip. Guests only get an hour at each section of the park so a lot of time is utilized for camera handling. The Rwanda gorilla tour is one of the most affordable tour packages on the planet and gets done in as little as 4 days so it is worth booking into. In addition there is also the factor of learning a new hobby while on holiday.

With the tour packages, there is also no need to wonder where you would be staying along with scheduling trips into the park. Packing is pretty easy for the Rwanda gorilla tour. There is no need to bring along camera equipment. This will be given by the tour company and brought along with the guide. Luggage will also not be moving around with the guest as the base in just in one place. The park houses its own lodgings for guests. Therefore, guests will only have to bring along their own personal items. These will be clothing which must be ideal for warm and rainy weather along with other personal items. Footwear is important as a lot of time will be spent in rugged areas of the park either seeking the gorillas or spots for photography.