The gorilla trekking photography tour is open to anyone

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Rwanda has only recently begun opening itself to tourism. As far as African countries goes, it is clean, politically stable and welcoming of tourists. Rwanda is of particular interest to nature lovers for the gorilla sanctuary at the Volcanoes National Park. The area was established as a safe haven for these majestic creatures. Guests do not get the chance to physically interact with the gorillas and must watch from afar. This is why most visits to the area are done as part of the Rwanda gorilla trekking photography tour. The tour can be booked through a travel company that provides budget based holidays to people.

The gorilla trekking photography tour is open to anyone. Rwanda does not have much strict restrictions for a visa application. They are strict on the safety of the gorillas however. This is how the gorilla trekking photography tour came to be which allows for an intimate way for guests to be able to engage with the animals without having to get too close. Guests organize their own flights into the country and from there are provided with hotel rooms, meals and tourist activities as part of their holiday travel package. The photography part of the tour allows for guests to be able to snap their own images of these incredibly photogenic animals.


Since guests will be bringing in their own cameras for the gorilla trekking photography tour, there are some guidelines to be followed. Guests should not bring in heavy equipment as there is a bit of hiking into the mountains where the actual gorilla trekking photography tour takes place. Basic cameras with a few technical features will do just fine. Guests must also be in fairly good physical health for these treks.

Many separate tours are done with each group only getting about an hour in each section of the sanctuary. At this point it should be noted that only people with permits are allowed into the park and a sure-fire way to ensure you snap up one of only a 100 that are issued every day is to make a booking into the gorilla trekking photography tour with a well-known travel company. The flash function on the camera needs to be turned off during the gorilla trekking photography tour as this will disturb the animals. Gorillas are fast moving creatures so the camera will have to be set at the proper exposure to ensure that you would not end up with too many blurry images.

Lighting is of importance as well as there is not much of it coming through between the lush trees and rocky areas. The group would be near enough to clearly watch the gorilla’s physical and social actions but this would still require a camera lens with a good quality zoom focus. A lot of detailed information is sent out to confirmed guests of the gorilla trekking photography tour so they would be well equipped for the holiday. The guide is also on hand during the gorilla trekking photography tour to lend a helping hand to guests in terms of getting in good pictures and advancing their photographic skills.